Synaptic, Inc. Announces Addition to Portfolio

Synaptic, Inc.'s President discussed the firm's recent addition to its portfolio of innovative brands. She also outlined the benefits of a growth mindset and detailed the company's current hiring push.

Synaptic, Inc. continues to refine its reputation as a leader in the on-site marketing industry. The firm’s President stated, “We’re excited to announce that we’ve added an exciting new name to our portfolio of represented brands. This addition gives us the opportunity to expand our team and set the bar even higher for future growth.”

Adding a new brand brings challenges for any company. According to the firm’s President, members of Team Synaptic, Inc. are ready for whatever comes their way thanks to the latest expansion. She added, “Constant improvement is a hallmark of our company ethos. When we achieve any growth milestone, we know it’s due to our knack for aiming higher with every win. Our brand experts are used to pushing beyond their current skill sets to attain greater heights.”

We're excited to announce that we've added an exciting new name to our portfolio of represented brands. This addition gives us the opportunity to expand our team and set the bar even higher for future growth.

A growth mind-set is a key attribute for any addition to Synaptic, Inc. “People with this kind of mentality are ideal fits for our competitive industry,” the firm’s President remarked. “You have to be able to learn from every experience, even if it involves an unexpected outcome. We emphasize perseverance when we add to our team, and that’s one of the best aspects of a true growth mindset.”

Synaptic, Inc.’s President Discusses Current Hiring Initiative

With an expanding portfolio comes the potential for new hires to come aboard Synaptic, Inc. Along with growth mindsets, company leaders will be looking for candidates who bring positive attitudes to every day on the job. The firm’s President noted, “We’ve built a supportive team culture that fuels our success. Anyone we bring into the fold will need to be a strong team player who can apply feedback in productive ways.”

New additions to Team Synaptic, Inc. benefit from an immersive training program. “Our team members gain hands-on experience in every phase of our business operations,” the President remarked. “In the process, they develop confidence that allows them to excel no matter what roles they occupy within our organization.”

Those who join the firm’s team of top performers also receive one-to-one coaching to streamline their professional educations. Receiving an insider’s perspective on maintaining success allows team members to quickly learn the ropes and begin fulfilling their unique potential. The firm’s President added, “We’re lucky to have sales and marketing managers who selflessly share what they’ve learned with newcomers.”

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